What To Expect

Lesson Description

Our sessions are designed to introduce participants to Judo basics, as a recreational activity, and various techniques involving arm bars and chokeholds. We also aim to enhance the fundamentals of judo as a fitness programme, competitive event and develop discipline which provides a means for self-defence.

Lesson Objectives

Performance: Explain, demonstrate and apply the following:

                    a. Game or lesson concept / purpose

                    b. Warm routines and games (activity specific)

                    c. Modified gymnastic routines (advanced tumbling & rolls)

                    d. Techniques and transitions

Conditions & standards to achieve: Indoor lesson, with demonstrations and practice to enable participants to fall safely and apply throwing and grappling techniques and application of arm bars and chokeholds for submission.

Stages and Time Allotted

a. Introduction: Brief description of lesson and concepts.

b. Warming up: Activity specific exercises & games.

c. Stage 1: Tumbling & rolls demonstration & practice.

d. Stage 2: Techniques demonstration & practice.

e. Stage 3: Techniques application & transitions.

f. Conclusion: Post training exercise / games.

Method of Instruction

Explanation with demonstrations followed by practice and application through controlled sparring and modified mini-competitions.

Organisation of Lesson

The sessions will cover basic falling & rolling skills, throwing techniques, grappling, restraints, submission techniques and competition rules & regulations.

Equipment and Training Aids: Impact safety mats.

Attire: Prescribed uniform preferred.

Safety Precaution: First Aid Kit will be readily available.

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