SAMBO is the Russian acronym for "SAMozaschita Bez Orujiya" or "Self-Defense without Weapon”. Created in the 1930's SAMBO was officially recognized as a new form of free-style wrestling in 1938 and was renamed SAMBO in 1946. This system is a compilation of the most effective techniques from European wrestling, Japanese and Chinese martial arts along with national martial arts of USSR area natives (Georgians, Armenians, Mongols, and Russians etc). SAMBO today can be broadly classified into 3 divisions:

Sports Sambo (Borba Sambo). Similar to amateur wrestling or Judo but with differences in rules, protocol, and uniform. Sports SAMBO includes arm bars and leg locks.

Combat Sambo (Boyevoye Sambo). Arguably the root of sambo, it was developed for the general military. Combat sambo resembles older forms of judo and modern mixed martial arts, including extensive striking and grappling.

Special Sambo (Personal Protection).  Developed for Army Special Forces, Rapid Reaction Police (Militsija) teams, and other law enforcement agencies, Special Sambo prepares the practitioner for street and battlefield combat in the shortest possible time. The objective of Special Sambo is survival and employs many dangerous techniques which must be practiced only under supervision.

Our Classes

We are the pioneers for SAMBO in Singapore, we conduct classes for all three divisions.

Our classes are made to bring out the best in every individual, as well as refining essential life-skills like building self-confidence and leadership skills while cultivating valuable personal protection skills.

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