What To Expect

Lesson Description

Our lessons are designed to introduce participants to SAMBO basics, as a recreational or socal activity, a fitness regime and a discipline which provides a means for self-defence.

Lesson Objectives

Performance: Explain, demonstrate and apply the following:

                    a. Game or lesson concept / purpose

                    b. Simplified warm routines (activity specific)

                    c. Modified gymnastic routines (tumbling & rolls)

                    d. Basic techniques

Conditions & standards to achieve: Indoor lesson, with demonstrations and practice to enable participants to fall safely and apply basic techniques and understand the nature of the activity.

Stages and time allotted

a. Introduction: Brief description of lesson and concepts. 

b. Warming up: Activity specific exercises & games. 

c. Stage 1: Tumbling & rolls demonstration & practice. 

d. Stage 2: Basic techniques demonstration & practice. 

e. Stage 3: Basic techniques application. 

f. Conclusion: Post training exercise / games. 

Method of Instruction

Explanation with demonstrations followed by practice and application through controlled sparring and modified mini-competitions.

Organisation of Lesson

The sessions will cover basic falling & rolling skills, throwing and takedown techniques, grappling and restraints and competition rules & regulations.

Equipment and Training Aids: Impact safety mats.

Attire: Sports wear or the prescribed uniform (recommended but not mandatory)

Safety Precaution: First Aid Kit will be readily available.

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