Sports Development

Applied Judo Module (Programme ID: 13858)

As a stand alone or follow up programme covering the other facets of Judo involving armbars and chokeholds aimed at enhancing the skills level of the participant, and providing for an effective self-defence mechanism. This 8 hour programme requires a minimum of 20 participants.

Grappling Workshop (Programme ID: 13846)

An introduction to grappling as a recreational activity which is aso a great upper body workout and hones gross motor skills. In addition, grappling also help develops basic personal protection skills and awareness.

Applied Grappling Module (Programme ID: 13862)

Experience a variety of grappling techniques put together to provide an enjoyable and challenging workout without the routines generally associated with traditional martial arts. Adapted from the Judo groundwork syllabus, this programme is designed to induct participants to grappling and submission forms as a recreational activity and a viable form of personal protection. It may be taken as a continuation of Introduction to Grappling, or as a standalone module.

Applied Grappling Module (Programme ID: 13862)

This module emphasizes on how to avoid trouble and stay safe in a potentially dangerous situation. Presented in an easy and interactive manner with a light to moderate workout level, this program teaches awareness and preventive strategies to help identify potential dangers and create opportunities to escape in a potentially dangerous situation as a stand alone or continuation of the Introduction to Personal Protection module.

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