What To Expect

Lesson Description

Experience a variety of techniques put together to provide an enjoyable and challenging workout with emphasis on core muscle development. Covering basic techniques from Freestyle Wrestling, this programme is designed to actively engage participants, enhancing character development and to introduce grappling as an alternative workout regime.

Lesson Objectives

Performance: Explain, demonstrate and apply the following:

  1. Provide a full body workout, hone gross motor skills and core muscle development.
  2. Develop basic personal protection skills & awareness.
Conditions & standards to achieve: Indoor lesson, with demonstrations and practice to enable
participants to apply basic skills covering takedowns, turnovers and restraints.
Stages and Time Allotted
a. Introduction: Brief description of lesson and concepts. 
b. Warming up: Activity specific exercises & games. 
c. Stage 1: Tumbling & rolls demonstration & practice. 
d. Stage 2: Basic techniques demonstration & practice. 
e. Stage 3: Basic techniques application. 
f. Conclusion: Post training exercise / games. 
Method of Instruction
Explanation with demonstrations followed by practice and application through scenario based situations or modified mini-competition.
Organisation of Lesson
The lesson will cover introduction to Freestyle wrestling, tumbling & falling techniques, takedown techniques, turnovers and restraints.

Equipment and Training Aids: Impact safety mats.

Attire: Prescribed uniform preferred.


We are accredited and certified examiners for the following organisations:

a. Singapore Judo Federation

b. Wrestling Federation of Singapore

c. World Sambo Federation (FIAS)

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